Rasslemania 37

It’s the greatest time of the year with the return of Wrestlemania, and more importantly the return of Why Are You Booing Me?! Yes, it’s been awhile, but your favorite rasslin’ writer is back with a whole new gimmick. No longer will we focus solely on the post wwe Hulkamania and pre-NWO era-instead all things […]

93 WWF Superstar of the Year

Fun fact I didn’t realize before I started this blog that WCW actually had a lot more PPV’s than WWF during this time. Which at first might seem odd until you realize WCW at the time drew less people for a house show than a current reunion tour featuring LMFAO- who were the wrestling equivalent […]

Fall Brawl 93

Live from Houston, Texas we have WCW’s Fall Brawl featuring one of my favorite gimmick matches of all time War Games! Tony Schivane and Jessie Ventura welcome us on the play by play; with a solo Eric Bischoff on hosting duties. Schivane is plastered in make-up looking like Teddy Perkins, and The Body is the […]

Survivor Series 93

Cuffing season has officially begun as WWF’s original cock blocking ppv Survivor Series has arrived. For those that don’t know Survivor Series was started in order to screw Starrcade, which was traditionally always on Thanksgiving. This was NWA’s biggest show of the year, and Vince strong armed the cable companies to exclusively air only Survivor […]